A very small 9 pound 7 year old brown and white smooth coat jack, Koby is a lively fellow who adores long walks like the 3 milers he gets at Jacks Galore, and lots of toys and antlers to chew.

Koby is fine with other dogs, enjoys running in the fenced yard with a pal, and has lived with Shylene since she was a puppy, tolerating her alphaness. Cats need not apply. Koby is though a teaser with his toys and does not share his high value treats very gentlemanly!!

A most handsome gentleman

A most handsome gentleman

A very well housetrained dog with impeccable indoor manners, he enjoys the love and devotion of his humans so sweetly. He loves to have belly rubs, snuggling with you under the covers and just being with his person.

He walks so well on a leash but can be very vocal when he encounters another dog or when guarding his property from behind the fence. He can be timid with new people and strangers and will protect his human like all jacks do. Koby is so portable and fun that he would make any person a great companion and would enjoy being shown that losing his humans is a thing of the past, that he can be part of a family again.

Come and nab him while you can, he should not be overlooked for as long as he has for he is the most endearing jack around.

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