ADOPTED!!!  off to VA she goes to hunt country where she joins a doxie pal and fills the space of a dear departed jack.  A life full of activity, a fenced in yard to have the zoomies, but most of all loved for what she is a JACK.  Gigi will be thrive with a family that knows the breed and welcomes her young jack antics with joy.  Nothing better than a crazy girl running around the house.  Enjoy the life you will lead, you are one in a million.

Sweet, smart, young, exuberant, affectionate: an adorably small 12 pound 18 month old tricolor smooth coat gal jack, GiGi is the life of the party with her delightfully uncropped curled tail.  A gazelle like leap in the air signals the walk has begun.  She has lots of energy, but quiet moments by your side are a staple for this little girl who just adores the human touch and, well, a race walk too.

When she was brought to a local shelter, Jacks Galore was called the first day to intervene with her rehoming.  This girl has way too much energy.  Given up by an elderly woman when the granddaughter left the house and didn’t take her jack, the grandma could not keep up with GiGi’s energy and she already had 8 cats to attend to – YES cats!  GiGi PLAYS with cats; she’s a crazy girl.

GiGi also likes dogs and is a great tag team artist, enjoying the interaction of her four-legged friends.  She is very well housetrained, rides well in the car, and is good in a crate but doesn’t have the patience to sit in it for too long.  She walks well on a leash but is a high energy walker, and in the woods leaps and bounces to see which direction the critters have gone.

Enthusiastic youth

Enthusiastic youth

She is full, and we mean FULL of youthful jack energy and relishes the moments she can be by your side for a long walk.  She’s a gentle jack, fearless, feisty and longing to be with her own person once again.  GiGi wants to be yours: come and adopt her today, it’s hard to believe she’ll be here long.


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