Cricket and James Brown


A delightful pair of extroverts.  Cricket the female is a 6 year old tan rough coat weighing in at a petite 9 pounds, and, who we assume to be her brother James Brown, a 6 year old tan rough coat slightly taller and larger at 13 pounds.  A bonded relationship not to be broken; they have spats like siblings but depend on each other for fun, action and snuggling.

We know little about their history except that they were in rescue for a number of years. This pair is truly a delightful couple, and walk lovely on the leash together crisscrossing the path to try to find whatever is under stones or in the leaves. They appear to be housetrained, but again might need a refresher course, and they are okay in a crate but what rather not be in one. They travel very well in the car, again in a crate, and enjoy looking out the window; every once in a while forming a vocal opinion when someone passes by.


James brown

They both love to chase the ball, distracted easily; a nose to the ground ferreting out critters, and they certainly enjoy the company of people and love to snuggle and give kisses to their human. Very energetic, lots and lots of bounce up and down in the kennels when you come with the leashes, not particularly interested in other dogs, and would most likely rather not live with other four-legged friends.

They have each other, and that certainly seems to be enough. They share things quite well, tearing the stuffing out of toys without any disagreements. Truly a remarkably fun pair of jacks, busy as they come, and certainly as affectionate as a jack likes to be.

Cricket and James Brown will only be adopted out together.


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