Bella and Whitten

Bella and Whitten are seven-year-old smooth coated siblings, a very bonded pair, both tricolor with undocked tail’s, lovely Jack Russells leaning towards the pudgy side! Whitten the male, is slightly larger than his sister and when down to his appropriate weight should weigh in at about 16 pounds. His sister, Bella on the other hand, when she has slimmed down will appropriately weigh about 14 pounds.

This delightful duo came to us from a gentleman who has had more than his share of unexpected stumbles in his life, and very tearfully had no other choice but to give up his two dogs whom he loved tremendously. A rescue local to him contacted us and asked us to step up; which we did. Flying down from northern New York, they arrived at our local airport with smiles on their faces and wagging tails.  Darrin, a volunteer pilot with the most amazing charity Pilots and Paws, said they were the most wonderful passengers.



Both dogs ride lovely in the car, are crate trained, housetrained, and very well mannered. Bella and Whitten are extremely friendly, adore people and want nothing more than to be showered with affection. Whitten loves to play ball, and he will bring it back, lay down and wait for you to grab it and toss it again. This will certainly be one quick way to get him to slim down. His sister on the other hand would rather just chase him and then come back without a ball to be petted and loved on; and watch her brother run.

They both walk beautifully on a leash, and have quite the quick step in their pace. They enjoy the long 3 mile walks they are getting and seem to enjoy looking for critters along the way.

A fun pair of dogs, ones that need to have a home once again where they know they can live out their lives with lots of activity, belly rubs and loving. They certainly will not let you down when it comes to making you smile.


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