Abe is a very young, 1-1/2 year old smooth coat who in the begining was apprehensive about being in the kennels, but now is an amazingly happy and confident dog.  He spent his first year and a half from the age of 7 weeks with one family who “rescued” Abe from a not so good situation at his birth home. Abe is very young, extremely sweet and gentle, but can be timid at times.

A very lean, long legged, 15 pound jack (perhaps with a bit of something else in him?), he has come out of his shell in such a short time.  He is always wagging his tail at the kennel door, eating well, and delighting in long walks in the woods. He’s playful with his toys, and in an unjack manner does not tear them up but tosses and squeaks them to his utter delight. Abe is extremely clean, and very quiet. Walks or feeding time find him just wagging his tail while the others all have loud opinions of the speed we humans move at. Abe has a cute and curious face, very tightly placed ears, and a beautiful body with a fluid motion when he runs. He likes other dogs and tolerates cats; he lived with one and didn’t seem to bother it at all.

Abe contemplating life

Abe contemplating life

Small children are not his cup of tea, which is why Abe came to join the JG clan. The family toddler was pulling ears and tails and Abe wanted none of that. He wanted the baby to stay away, but he can’t talk. He did adore their younger daughter who was gentle and knew how to respect a dog’s space. We will work on building Abe’s confidence, and enroll him in a beginner’s obedience class to build trust and be busy learning new things to keep his mind occupied. His former parents worked long hours so they placed him during the day with a family member with small children: never a good mix.

Abe has shown Jacks Galore that he will excell at agility, during a training session he ran through the tunnel in two tries, used the table and had his down…….down, and jumped the poles like he had been doing it all his life.  Quick, smart and willing to please.  He will make a lovely companion to a family who wants a gentle, quiet, playful and loving jack. Abe will be a great friend and we have fallen in love with his gentle inquisitive eyes already. Gentle nuzzling has begun when we say goodnight, with a warm nose in the neck by a dog who so wants to be loved.

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