Lulu’s real name is Lucy, but since Jacks Galore already has a Lucy in residence, for website purposes our new pint size shorty will be referred to as Lulu; we will of course continue to call her by her name Lucy.

A 3 year old very tiny 9-pound smooth coat shorty, all white with a brown patch, Lulu is ALL jack, and we mean ALL jack. Lulu came to us from a local shelter that was unable to place her due to her overactiveness and inability to cope in the shelter environment. They saw her potential and contacted us to help.

She was listed on Craig’s List by the first owner, then adopted by an older woman who did not know the breed, who then gave it to her daughter who had her a week and decided that with a toddler this was not for her either. Just what is it about this dog? Well ya gotta luv ‘em!!!!

Lucy is a JACK

Lucy is a JACK

This is a jack who just bounces constantly; a delightfully busy diva, she just keeps you smiling. Walking beautifully on leash, she has the jack hop in her march to get where she is going, and it can be many a mile with her energy: that’s what she requires.

Given up three times for being a jack, the cuteness factor obviously blind-sided the past owners. This gal has to be kept busy, needs to shed a pound or two, which she will do here with lots of activity and long long long long walks, she rides amazingly in the car, quiet as a church mouse in the crate, and was housetrained in her former home, though after the kennels and rescue environment she might need a refresher course, being a jack and all.

Lulu will never share her space with a cat, but she does not understand how to interact with other dogs, so it is our firm belief that her size and no socialization while young has led to her bizarre dog interactions. We think it best that she be an only dog.

If you come to take her into your life it will be enriched, but you better come quick because you might miss her on your way in to claim your prize!!!

Apply to adopt Lulu/Lucy!!