Apprehensive Abe

Abe was adotpd on a brisk fall day in November and off he went to enjoy walks on the beach, ball playing in the yard and boating in the spring with his own family of three to adore him forever.  Abe not only blossomed at Jacks Galore but became the jack he was meant to be, full of desire to live in the now.  Good luck Abe, your confidence will shine in your future.

JG does not normally take dogs in, but our local Berkshire Humane Society, in Pittsfield, MA where I volunteer, called me and asked me if I could take in a local jack who they were unable to help. JG bent the rules to help out and Abe came to join our kennel dogs and is up for adoption. Abe is a rescue that is very apprehensive.

With one family since he was 7 weeks old, he was “rescued” from a not so good situation at his birth home. Abe is just 1-1/2 years old and very sweet, gentle; but also very timid. A very lean long legged smooth coat jack, he is warming up to us, becoming more playful with his toys and enjoying the long leisurely walks in the woods. Abe has a cute and curious face, with very tightly placed ears, a beautiful body with a fluid motion when he runs, and a lovely long rudder of a tail. He likes other dogs and tolerates cats, lived with one and did not seem to bother it at all.

Abe is always alert

Abe is always alert

Small children are not his cup of tea and that is the reason Abe came to join the JG family in order to find a new forever home. It seems that the wee family toddler was pulling ears and tails and Abe wanted none of that. He let it be known the baby should stay away; except he can’t talk.

We will work on building Abe’s confidence, and will enroll him in a beginner’s obedience class where he can build trust and be busy learning new things to keep his mind occupied. His fur parents were working long hours and thus placed him during the day with a family member with small children. Never a good mix. Abe will be a great companion and we have fallen in love with his gentle inquisitive eyes already.

Abe's alert ears

Abe’s alert ears

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