A New Year – Will It Get Better?

2020 behind us, I can’t think of a more miserable year in so many ways. We have few Jack Russells in need (there is a silver lining to everything) but more than 100 applicants longing for a Jack. So many of the people who applied were unable to find a good match from our rescue.

Blind Muffin at home

We continue to be confronted with health emergencies countrywide, and on top of that, JG mom was unable to walk dogs since May 2020, major knee surgery in October and still in recovery until most likely well into the late spring. A most frustrating and for us (and many of you) a very depressing year.

However, we will step back and are always willing to look at the bright side; amazingly 86 little Jack Russell Terriers found their forever homes with the most wonderful group of caring and patient adopters. So many people stepped up to help us transport those dogs truly in need, and many drove hours on end to save a little JRT by bringing them into our rescue. You are the TRUE rescue heroes and you know who you are! So many of you answered the call!!

Volunteer Molly w cruelty case McArthur – RIP



We had an amazing fundraiser in the fall of 2020, despite the pandemic so many of you gave so much to keep Jacks Galore going well into the next year. We are humbled and certainly honored by the faith that all of you have shown us over the past 10 years we’ve been saving Jack Russells from our rescue based in Massachusetts. We’ve had a great deal of fun posting on our Facebook page, not only our adopted jacks but so many of our supporter’s little troublemakers appeared in our daily message. Again this year, one of our adopters made an amazing Jacks Galore wall calendar with so many faces of your terriers we love so much, gracing every day of 2021 as we progress into better times.

Jack lost 20lbs

But like everything good and bad in life, we lost some senior jacks and also sadly dealt with some very extreme cases of neglect and cruelty that made us aware of the need for rescue, using our time and money to help those heal from their past, or allowed to cross the rainbow bridge. Two groups of puppy mill jacks came into our care, now healed and learning what it means to be loved and cared for.  Many special adoptions of senior jacks, the overweight and those of poor health were welcomed with open hearts and by new homes; our motto has to be never give up.

Alum Nelson and mill girl Charlotte rt


As the New Year progresses we will look to the months ahead and re-evaluate our goals for Jacks Galore, not sure how much longer we will be able to maintain our rescue as it has been done over these many years. We are aging, our families are quite distant from us and aging, and I think many of us this past year have been made to think about our loved ones.



The “sanctuary” always remains open, the unadoptables cared for despite their faults. The time we spend doing good, and what are we able to commit to as time moves on, has been on our minds. Being there for all of our jacks out in the world is and will always be a priority for us, no matter why or when they might need to return. We will never forsake our extended family members and always are here for help, advice or for any situation our alumni find themselves in.

We will certainly hope 2021 will bring us some positive health news, fewer jacks in need, but still many superlative adopters reaching out to save a life.  Some of you are still waiting to work with us and for that we are grateful.  We also patiently wait to find homes for our remaining three girls in need of quite specific forever humans. We hope that soon they too will be lovingly welcomed into a caring family.

Mill pup Otto home

Thank you for being there for us in the year of COVID, thank you for standing strong with us despite the “silence” from our end.  2020 was a somewhat miserable year, sprinkled with joy and success, but we can only hope that 2021 will bring some normalcy and sanity back to all our lives and that of rescue.

JG Dad and Mom in time of COVID




Happy New Year – stepping forward we welcome 2021.

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