2022 Annual JG Fundraiser Has Started

It’s summer! The one time of the year where we reach out to all of our supporters, adopters and those who love the breed to help us continue helping our favorite breed for yet another year. Without your financial gifts, Jacks Galore would not be able to do the work we do. This has been an exceptionally difficult year for everyone, and we’re hoping that some of you will still be able to continue helping us move forward with our mission to help those little white terriers move on to loving families.


Just some of the cases that kept us up at night was Domino, with us for only 24 hours before we had to let this gentle soul cross the bridge. We did everything we could to save him, to see if we would be able to allow him to move on to a secure life, but sadly it was not meant to be.

The 5 parvo pups

5 helpless puppies that were left to die in a ditch by a main road after being discarded, but thankfully found by a good Samaritan and heading our way. Yet sadly, just after 24 hours we knew they were sick and rushed to the emergency vet hospital.



Within an hour, we put four of them to sleep because their suffering was too great, and tried in vain to save that little girl Fiddle who after initial bloodwork appeared to be the strongest. Sadly, after just 48 hours in the ICU, everything was done to save her life; we had to let her cross the bridge too.

Cullen now in hospice in JG’s home sanctuary in kidney failure, but we agreed to take him in from a shelter partner because of his kind and sweet gentle nature. Probably not with us long, but lots of vetting and special food for this wonderful little JRT.

Cullen in hospice

Mr. Duke, a one-year-old JRT, brought into an emergency clinic whose owners could not afford to pay the necessary surgery to save his life. When contacted by their vet, related to one of our adopters, we agreed to take over his care and bring him into rescue.

Mr. Duke


All of these decisions unfortunately cost quite a bit of money. BUT, we could not and would never have said no. Several of our dogs in the kennels are on the more difficult side, in the sense of being your typical Jack Russell Terrier! Frankie a 188 hoarding survivor, and Senior Tota who lost her human when they went into assisted living. Sadie a feisty little puppy who needs that knowledgeable terrier person to direct her brilliance for fun and activity. A lovely pair still learning to trust us, but getting there slowly but surely.

The sanctuary has been nurturing many senior jacks, and this year we have already allowed three to cross the bridge and most likely will say goodbye to a couple more by the end of the year.


We have been helping individuals keep their Jack Russells in their home, and support our adopters in any way we can through difficult and trying times.

All of your gifts go directly to the dogs, vetting, medication, food and anything the dogs require. Everything that JG mom and JG dad do is for the love of the breed, the desire to make sure that their years ahead are filled with love and kindness. The bottom line is we cannot do it without you, as much as the two of us work hard with for our rescue, it’s a team effort from everyone involved.

Thank you for being there for us once again, just once a year we reach out and ask for your support. We are grateful to all of you and for what you do.

Here you can help us reach our goal – donate



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