It’s that time of year again, our annual fundraiser to keep the rescue moving forward. Once a year we do ask you all to support our efforts, make sure that we have enough funding for the year to bring in Jack Russells that are looking for their forever homes. Whether abandoned, surrendered by individuals for personal reasons, shelters asking us to take in a jack in need, or those jacks that Animal Care and Control takes in. We try not to say no. We do not discriminate against age, their health status or personality; we just do whatever we can to provide them a better life and a forever home. I know that all of you who support us know how seriously we take vet care; we also provide top quality food, any medications necessary, including the important heartworm and flea tick preventatives.

Once again, our wonderful Florida donors have offered to do a matching fundraiser. For the first $10,000, they will match dollar for dollar! Then the next $10,000 will be matched $2 to every $1! At the end of our fund drive, we should have amassed $50,000! We run a pretty tight ship; every single penny is spent entirely on the dogs, their care and their needs.

Despite having fewer dogs in 2021, many of those we did take in required very high levels of veterinary care. Most of the dogs that joined the rescue needed dentals, most of their teeth removed. We have had an amputation, several dogs with emergency trips to the specialists in Albany or on the weekends when the vets were closed. If we can save a life, we make every effort to do so. There’s of course always the regular vetting that’s required for every dog that comes in; bloodwork, shots, spay and neuter, microchip and a good check up

This year the kennel’s electrical bills were astronomical; winter lasted well into the middle of May, and then the air-conditioning had to be running constantly as the high humidity and heat came following the freeze.

As always, we rely on your support and your financial assistance to do everything we do for the Jack Russells that come into our care.

This year artist, adopter and supporter Don has created a most wonderful design for both the T-shirt and tote bag. These are but a small token of our appreciation for any of you who donate during the fund drive.

Slowly our dogs are being adopted; we’ve had dozens and dozens of applications but sadly have not had enough dogs to make sure that everyone approved was able to find their match. This year has been our toughest year in terms of dogs with so many of them with that typical Jack Russell Terrier attitude. Every year we see more and more Jack Russells coming into our care that have been purchased without anyone doing research and then realizing what the breed is really like once they’re in their home. This is only possible with your support and so with all of our efforts we manage to rehabilitate them and allow them to become family members once again.

Thank you all in advance for taking the time to donate, to be part of the solution and to provide the assistance we need to keep moving forward and continue to take in the Jack Russells that need our help.

We also thank all of you who have become monthly donors, please know this is a huge help to us and those of you have been there year round keep us open.

Thank you to all of those Facebook donors who have answered the call of people’s birthday challenges, and adding a little extra for the Jack Russells in our care.

But a huge thank you to all of you who are always there with a kind word, and encouraging motivations to keep our spirits up and to make us smile with all of the antics of your jacks.

So here we go, let’s raise some money!! DONATE HERE

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