101 Jack Russells Adopted

2019 was a very good year for 101 Jack Russell Terriers (not Dalmatians) who found their forever homes. These little terriers that came to us looking for a new future ranged from puppies of only a few weeks old, to teenagers, and quite a few seniors that many would consider beyond their expiration date. However, for many of you who know this little dog well, sell by date extends way beyond other dogs’ lifetimes.

Parvo pup Finley

Murphy crossed way too soon

Sadly, a few of our senior dogs that left our care did pass only after a short time with their new families. But what a treasure for Jacks Galore knowing that our adopters would not have changed anything about the time spent with their new adopted jack or turned the clock back.

Adopting a senior is truly an act of devotion and the desire to help a dog who might have only a short time left in one’s care, but this connection can also reward with many more years than expected. JG lost a few senior sanctuary dogs, but that was to be expected considering there were health issues when they came into rescue and some had not exactly lived the most caring and loving life. We made sure they knew that humans were good, and their new life provide them with lots to enjoy. Lying in the sun on a soft bed, snuggling under the covers with their human, good food, wonderful treats and 6 acres to explore and play on. Even if it is only for a week or maybe it is for many months, the reward is great and in the end holding them tightly as they pass, a touching moment we would not change. They have trusted us, and we have returned the favor.

All of our adopters and certainly so many of our supporters have been a huge part of our success and allowed us the ability to provide the best vet care possible. So many of our seniors needed dentals, some JRTs had to have major surgery, blood work was done, microchips implanted and so many spay and neuters performed that sometimes I think our treasured vet Dr. Ray must dream he is on an assembly line. Your amazing support and believing in the work we do continues to help us say yes to as many Jack Russells as possible asking to come into rescue. We take in many that others turn away.

Sr. Buster joined the sanctuary clan


I hope that this past year we have managed to say thank you to all who have reached out.  If you have not received a note, email, or I have failed to recognize your support, please know that we do the best we can to thank each and every one of you, and are appreciative of all of you who are there for us when we are in need. You have helped us raise enough money to get us to next summer and you were there when three Parvo puppies might not have overcome their illness. With you we were able to make sure they got the best emergency vet care possible; and survive.  You are the ones who make it happen; you are the ones who are always there for the Jacks in need.


Adopters, supporters, transporters, volunteers and those of you who foster on an occasional basis, are all part of the solution. So many of you raise your hand when the shout out is there asking for help.  Rescue is nothing if we did not have all the parts put together to make a team. We do not act alone; we are just one small part saving this many Jack Russells.

Foster Chelle holds Sr. Cookie, loved


We are looking forward to having many more forever homes come true, we are looking forward to bringing you daily updates on our Facebook page and putting together yet another magnificent calendar for 2021! Let’s look to the year ahead and we thank you in advance for standing behind us, having our back, and cheering us on when another dog is adopted!

Sweetie Bella living in luxury

Happy New Year and a million thank yous from the team at Jacks Galore

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